(Self Healing Epigenitic Magnetism)

The S.H.E.M. © or EPIGENETIC MAGNETISM © is based on the initiatory knowledge and knowledge of ancient traditions more than 8000 years old and today's sciences such as neuroscience, quantum physics and modern biology (Bruce Lipton) 


This secret knowledge of ancient tradition which is lost in the mists of time, passing from the Sumerians to the Chaldeans, to the Persians, to Egyptian civilization, to the initiation societies of ancient Greece, to Kabbalah, to the magi and alchemists of the Middle Ages … That the memory of peoples still carries with them today and which it describes as “occult”, is a knowledge of “Tradition”. 


This must be understood in its etymological meaning: the Latin verb "tradere" means "to pass to another, to transmit". Tradition is therefore what has been transmitted over the ages, this heritage of knowledge belonging to all of humanity and which is a "good" by which it, at each of its stages, can understand the Universe, discover its roots and situate itself in relation to the Sacred, the Divine. This Knowledge relates to the formation of the universe and the worlds (cosmogenesis), to the appearance of man on Earth, to the various cycles of the evolution of the human species (anthropogenesis), to sacred mathematics, to astronomy, astrology, alchemy, as well as, in the case which concerns us, medicine and various techniques of care, of which magnetism says "curative" is a part. And, most recently, at S.H.E.M. © or EPIGENETIC MAGNETISM©. 


Today, for a short time now, science has provided proof of the concrete existence of this energetic mechanism that constitutes us and of the effect that the intervention of a practitioner in S.H.E.M can have. © or EPIGENETIC MAGNETISM © on our physiological and psychic behavior.



Physical health Mental

Health Depression


Emotional shock



Preoperative and Postoperative

Epigenetic Magnetism is very effective in acting effectively against all multiple energy imbalances and the destructive effects of chronic stress causing pathologies both physical, mental and psychological.  These techniques allow you to be the architect of your physical and mental well-being and self-healing.   


If necessary in support of any traditional medicine therapy.  It is important to emphasize that all Epigenetic Magnetism treatments, whether in live consultation or online, find their maximum effectiveness by setting up work on the mind of each and everyone. 

This in-depth transformation takes place through work on your mind, based on studies and results in neuroscience and quantum physics and global vision of Body and Spirit, because the two are linked.

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Health Check

Health check combined with energy treatment.  This first meeting aims to tour your overall living environment personal, family, social and professional life. This will allow us to better understand your energy functioning mode, your mode of acting and reacting in order to draw up the patterns of energy fields that you create that are capable of causing harmful effects in your body, both physical and mental. 


Knowing that 95% of ailments and diseases are created by chronic stress. Our work is focused on unlocking and deinking pathogenic memories. These memories prevent vital systems like the digestive system, the immune system, the hormonal system, the reproductive system and the maintenance system from performing their tasks normally.


These memories are often fueled and reinforced by our thoughts, our emotions, and in general our state of mental health.    This energy reset will be supported by the implementation of a self-healing protocol in order to activate or reactivate All the vital functions necessary for the proper functioning of your body and thus release all your potential for repair, regeneration, self -healing and support for current medical treatments in order to give you every chance to find a vibrational state of good health and a serene and peaceful well-being. 




De-soiling, de-inking, maintenance, and energetic balancing of the autonomic nervous system.    These techniques make it possible to truly interfere at the very heart of our cellular energy system.


These constructive interferences act on the behavior of our cells in order to bring them back to a vibration of good health.    Restoration and good vitality of the human body.  Allow the cells of our body to find a healthy vibration and self-eliminate pathologies and thus encourage a return in order to help and support an antidepressant withdrawal (according to your doctor's advice) etc.



In addition to nourishing cells and eliminating toxins from the body, lymph is a vital fluid that plays a major role in immunity and elimination.


Unfortunately, the lymphatic circulation is easily disrupted by the many emotional, mental and physical shocks generated by our way of life which is too stressful and not well adapted to the needs of the body.   


Increasingly appreciated by the medical and paramedical bodies, due to its effectiveness in preventive, curative and aesthetic care, (OSL) © also provides a state of well-being and total relaxation. This treatment requires a personal investment and seriousness on the part of the Practitioner in Epigenetic Magnetism.    Boost the immune system, 


Allow better circulation,  Stimulate the evacuation of waste and toxins,  Reduce edema by accelerating the reabsorption of excess fluids and macromolecules in the connective environment,  Eliminate chronic fatigue,  Eliminate cellulite ...



This perspective, Cellular Energy Reactivation © allows the replacement of defective energy plasmas, which cause pathologies, and thus allows the organs to restructure. This is a technique that requires no anesthesia, no opening, no cutting, no ligation, no grafting, no ablation, as is the case in clinical surgery.