Serving people and organizations for over 15 years, Giulio Fioravanti, is an author, lecturer, expert practitioner in global health, teacher and founder of Epigenetic Magnetism.


He is one of these exceptional contributors, both educator and inspired.   It is particularly known to activate in you your self-healing potential and thus improve your health on all these planes, physical, mental and psychic.



A more personal biography   


He was born in Belgium and has also lived in Italy and France. He has lived in Quebec since 1996.    His studies (Belgium) led him to be trained in industrial psychology, sociology, social sciences, human organization of companies, business organization, comparative social law, ieconomics and to this were added various training related to global health.    


Added to this is a passion for the invisible and everything related to human energies, such as magnetism, alchemy, the occult sciences, the initiation and wisdom traditions of antiquity and this from his adolescence. Passion that he never stopped nourishing until today.   


His personal and professional experience makes him passionate about the health, the evolution and the well-being of humans in all its spheres. For 25 years, he worked as an entrepreneur (show management, import - export, management of a chain of nine retail stores, president of an asbestos removal company, notably the Center Georges Pompidou (Paris) , has presented hundreds of conferences and trainings in Europe and Quebec, etc.).


He also has extensive experience in private consultation.    Based on these global experiences, he made a professional shift which led him to study health. He has always had an innate sense for research, culture, well-being, and is particularly fond of everything related to overall health. From there, he created his own method of intervention in global health: Epigenetic Magnetism which unites the world of energies and the new sciences (Neuroscience, quantum physics, epigenetics and biology)  It is also involved in the harmonization of the energy systems (mental and physical) and lymphatic. (optimization of the O.S.L lymphatic system)





What we call everyday life is really only an uncontrolled state of emotions and stress which disconnects us from our being and which results in harmful effects both in our body and in our mind . This pseudo-reality in which we believe we exist is nothing but an illusion. Our nature is not mistaken. It sends us clear messages that we often barely perceive (discomfort, depression, illness, suffering ').  How to cross the 'passage' from this 'superficial, artificial and suffering' state, this uncontrolled state of chaos, source of many ills, in the state of being in joy and health at all times and permanently ? The author suggests that we take a trip together to the heart of life and people, to discover a different vision and the tools that nature offers us to achieve. Known as 'epigenetic magnetism', his method is however under the sign of simplicity and wants to be accessible to all. It concerns care, but it is also an art of living and a way of finding well-being.






It is possible to obtain a direct consultation in Giulio’s office or a remote consultation for Skype or Zoom. 

Global report $ 247 Duration: 2h00 book your treatment

Energy Care $ 197 Duration: 1 hour

O.S.L $ 380 Duration: 2h30

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